Why Choose Airheads?
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We invite you to look up our exemplary rating with the Better Business Bureau by clicking here.
Feel free to check the Better Business Bureau ratings for our competitors as well.  Who would YOU
rather do business with?  I'm sure you'll come to the obvious conclusion...

The Airheads "Money Maker" packages cost less to purchase and less to operate than any reputable
oxygen bar system on the market.  We made our Oxygen Bar Aromarizers and our Bar
virtually maintenance free.   We have a totally sealed and leak-proof Oxygen flow system.  Our
Neoprene infuser gaskets DO NOT wear out.  Other companies systems and components will wear
out easily and eventually be an unnecessary cost and chore to replace.

Airheads is the only company who will publish their pricing on the web. Consider us like the Saturn
Car Company, but with a Rolls Royce product line.  No haggle, no hassle, all quality.  Be wary of
companies that offer to beat any price.  You must ask yourself, "Why didn't they give me their best
price to begin with?"

Airheads Oxygen Concentrators
(AOCS) are the lightest, quietest and most powerful O2 generating
system sold for Oxygen Bars today.  Our AOCS's out-perform our competitors by putting out 33%
more flow and up to 96% Oxygen!  There are a some companies DISTRIBUTING smaller, single
serve units made in Korea and Taiwan that they claim put out 40% Oxygen.  These units may look
cool with their head-sets, but do absolutely nothing except disperse the 40% Oxygen into the air.  By
the time the 40% O2 reaches your nostrils, it has been diluted at least another 60%!  You get
more Oxygen if you just breathe heavily -- save your money!  Users of this equipment, put on those
cool-looking head-sets, and have been seen talking, sneezing and coughing on them.  Users of
these head-sets have been proven to contract illness and in some cases hair lice.  There are no
shortcuts or better Oxygen delivery methods than the use of a nasal cannulas
(nose hoses).  This is
the only delivery method approved by the FDA, and the only delivery method used in the health care
Airheads Aromarizers™ hold 4, 6 or 8 separate bottles that can serve multiple patrons, all of which
simultaneously.  Other manufacturers can only service one person from their four bottle system.  
More patrons -  more profits!  With the Aromarizer controls in the hands of the bar operator, he or she
can control the "power of the flow" to the patrons.  the flow to each individual bottle can be adjusted if
it is too strong or too weak for the individual. There are no individual flow controls on any of our
competitors infusers.

Our glass bottles are easily reusable, more aesthetically pleasing, and easier to keep clean leaving
no aroma residue. Our competitors systems all use plastic bottles and therefore they cannot use
essential oils in their systems.  These oils will interact with their plastic components, thus ruining
them in a matter of days.  Even their so called "food-grade aromas"
(which are inferior to essential
will discolor their plastic bottles easily, hence another unnecessary cost and chore to replace.

Women can easily assemble, and disassemble our modular bars into smaller manageable
sections.  Our lightweight modular bar easily fits into it's own ATA shipping/carrying case which can
be put easily into the back of a passenger van, SUV or pickup truck bed.  Other companies sell bulky
and heavy equipment which is literally a pain to own or  transport.  At least 2 men are needed to move
their cumbersome one piece bar.

Our oxygen bar equipment is more durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As a whole,
Airheads Oxygen and  Aromatherapy Bar equipment is easily a more practical and more aesthetically
pleasing system for anyone to own, operate, or enjoy.

A word of advice...

As you know, investing in something you know very little about could be risky.  When starting a
business you have to part with  your money or arrange for financing which may cause you stress and
uncertainty.  Becoming an expert in your business always takes a little time and you must dedicate
yourself because there are no free rides in this world.  Our program and equipment has proven to
earn entrepreneurs and present business owners a substantial amount of money.  Fell free to ask
us how and why.

Before you purchase, it is suggested that you
Click Here to receive your free copy of:
"The 20 Mistakes Oxygen Bar Entrepreneurs Make"

Other Oxygen Bar companies will try to sell you on their franchise concept.  If you sign those papers,
kiss your freedom goodbye!  Before you advertise, market or even resell your equipment you will need
the approval of the Franchiser.  Be your own boss!  Purchasing Airheads equipment enables you to
brand your own equipment and gives you the freedom and choice to use our name and logo FREE
OF CHARGE -- NO STRINGS ATTACHED!  Airheads has done business with many major
corporations in the business world.  

To see a small list of some of our past and present satisfied clients Click Here.  

As you see, we really don't have to brag, our clients and the press do it for us!  Our equipment, staff
and reputation do the talking for us. Quietly, since 1998, we have led the industry in innovation,
integrity, class and price.  Airheads innovates while others imitate.  Since our inception, Airheads Inc.
has been committed to making our customer's ride into the Oxygen Bar business as easy as
breathing.  Our only business is building, renting and selling oxygen bar systems.  Our 3 year
warranty is unequaled in our industry.  We unequivocally stand behind all of the products that we

There are no shortcuts or breakthrough products.  Don't get scammed!   It seems everyone is
jumping on the "Oxygen band wagon" these days.  There are many claims being made by companies
advertising on the Internet.  Many claim to be manufacturers so be careful and don't get fooled!  
Airheads will never claim to be the original oxygen bar company, nor do we sell other oxygen related
products.  All we do is sell, rent, and operate Oxygen Bars and Oxygen Bar Equipment.  We are THE
specialists and professionals in our field!  

If your choice is to do business with a down to earth company who puts more "flash" into their
equipment, than into their website.  If you want to choose an Oxygen Bar company that actually cares
about quality control and the way they treat their customers, stop right here and look no further...
We OWN  "THE WOW FACTOR!", and since we manufacture our own line of products -- You'll love our
wholesale pricing too!
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Why Choose Airheads?