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When it comes to the human body, Oxygen is the most important of  the five basic elements of all life:
Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Hydrogen and Carbon. There are several forms of Oxygen, however the
most common and stable form of Oxygen is "O2" or Diatomic Oxygen. Oxygen is vital to good health
and it’s our primary source of energy.  90% of our energy comes from Oxygen and the other 10% from
food and water.  With Oxygen Enriched Air
(OEA), the body will metabolize food faster and more
efficiently, generate more energy, and fuel a healthier body.  

Have you ever seen athletes breathing oxygen at a sporting event?  Athletes know oxygen increases
their performance, endurance, and energy level.  Athletes require tremendous amounts of oxygen to
convert carbohydrates, sugars, fats and proteins into heat and energy required for their high activity
level. This conversion process is known as Oxidation.  What is Oxidized
(or burned) for the body's
energy are carbohydrates, sugars, fats and proteins.  Without the presences of Oxygen, these foods
would Oxidize very poorly resulting in a poor cellular reproduction and function, which in turn would
cause inadequate production of energy.  

Since Oxygen is your body's main fuel, a lack of oxygen will promote an inadequate Oxidation process
(poor burning of foods), which will result in a lower percentage of your foods being converted into
energy and high percentage of your foods turning into fat.  The bottom line -- "Oxygen is an element
that you can live with!"  Some symptoms of Oxygen deficiency may include the following:

People all over the world are now using Airheads Oxygen & Aromatherapy Bars for holistic and
recreational use!  Just a five to ten minute session on our Oxygen Bar displaces harmful free
radicals, neutralizes environmental toxins, and destroys anaerobic infectious bacteria, parasites and
microbes.  Oxygen gives the body the ability to rebuild itself, detoxifies blood, increases circulation
and strengthens the immune system.  Oxygen will heighten concentration, alertness and help fight off
depression.  Oxygen has been known to help with relaxation and sleep disorders, prevent disease,
relieve hangovers, and alleviate headaches.  Man can live weeks without food, days without water, but
only minutes without Oxygen.  
What is Oxygen?
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