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“I’ve tried many diets and no matter what I do, I always gained my weight back and then some.  I
needed to find something easy that would make me lose weight without making any radical changes
in my life. Oxygen flavored with almond stopped me from getting theevening munchies while I was
watching TV.  I have lost over 25 pounds in the past few months without dieting!”
Laura Raab - Henderson, NV

“Sex has never been better and I feel 18 again!”
Richard M. Down - Yorktown Heights, NY

“Consider me an Airhead for life!  I have more energy during the day and sleep better than ever at
Betty Iskowitz - Chicago, IL

Airheads Oxygen Bars owner Steven Blaustein has created a way to bring a “Breath of Fresh Air” to
any event by combining the therapeutic effects of pure oxygen with the ancient art of aromatherapy.  
Together these two elements can eliminate stress, relieve headaches, energize, cure hangovers,
and make for lots of fun everywhere I book them.  All it took was one 10-minute session on their
equipment to make a believer out me! Combined with their massage therapy service they have
designed a real crowd pleaser.
Brian Acheson - Dallas, TX

“I tried this in Vegas and I had to have one in our home.  We always use it for our parties and it’s
always been a hit!  We are now on the road with your “Dream Machine”  making serious cash money.”
Andre & Francine Preneur - Baton Rouge, LA

"I have more energy"...I miss it when I don't get it." - Maxwell, 52.  "I used to live with a nasal spray up
my nose"..."But since becoming an Airhead, I feel great" - Shireen Odho, 49; "I came in stressed-out,
and now I feel like I've done an hour of yoga." - Alex Mohler, 35; "Devotees claim their oxygen hits are
cure everything from hangovers to headaches." - People Magazine

“…I’m on it before and after I do my daily regime.  I get a more stamina during my workout and I have
a faster recovery period afterward.”
Wayne Turner - Pompano Beach, FL

“I wanted to kill my wife, but after just a few minutes sucking on Oxygen with lavender I changed my
Name withheld upon request

“Finally I have found my calling!  I’m making a ton of money and helping people feel good at the same
time.  What can be better?”
Chris Peters - Mount Vernon, OH

“I have suffered from debilitating migraines most of my life with little or no relief.  I used to pop pills to
dull the pain.  When I felt one coming on I had to cancel my plans for the rest of the day.  Now I hook
up to the Aromarizer, close my eyes and relax in my lazy boy for about 10 minutes.  It’s a true miracle!  
Thank you Airheads, you gave me back my life!”
Laura Vautrin - Bayshore, NY

“After a stressful day at the office my nerves were shot.  I used to come home and try to calm down
with a few shots of Jackie D.  I felt I was becoming an alcoholic. One of my friends took me out to club
one night and sat me down at an oxygen bar.  At that moment, my lifestyle changed forever.”
Ray Taffe - Beverly Hills, CA

“This smells great, but will it give me larger boobs?”
Daisy Deadpetals from “Deco Drive” WSVN channel 7 Miami, FL

“It was the talk of Jared’s Bar Mitzvah and the adults loved it also!  If you want to keep the kids from
running 'round like animals during an affair, just book an Airheads Oxygen Bar.”
Jacqueline Lippman – Boca Raton, FL

“I knew I wanted to get into the business as soon as I saw one.  I spent many weeks researching and
then I finally took the plunge – glad I did!  Now I’m my own boss and my business is booming.  This
is so hot!  Strangers approach me at my events and book me right then and there, I don’t even have to
advertise.  I feel like the King of Kansas City!”
John Balphazor – Kansas City, MO

“The Airheads oxygen system, which we have used in our tanning rooms for over six months, has
worked out beautifully. The customers love it, the fragrances are great, and the equipment looks very
cool - it is a real attention getting sitting on our front counter, and makes our customers see us as
innovative and upscale.
Freeda Clark – Louisville, KY
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