Resort, Casino, & Ski Chalet Managers
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The average person who chooses a Resort, Casino, or Ski Chalet usually weighs two issues.  The
cost of stay is always a factor, but more often than not it’s the amenities that are the first things to be
considered.  Today the competition is fierce for the traveler and vacationer’s dollar. Large facility
owners and catering managers need to maintain their market shares by upgrading their operations
to increase their customer satisfaction.   A happy guest is a returning guest, or at the very least a
referral to their friends and family.  An Airheads Oxygen Bar will invigorate and amaze your guests.  
Children love it as well!

What could be a better amenity or addition to your Resort, Casino, or Ski Chalet than an Airheads
Oxygen and Aromatherapy Bar system?  An Oxygen Bar near the pool area will increase the
production of Melanin as your guests sun bathe.  Melanin is the skin pigment which will give them a
deeper and darker tan.  Oxygen Bars are no stranger to the Las Vegas scene and people line up 3
deep to pay $20.00 for 10 minutes on a  "pay-per-session" basis.  This is sometimes coupled with a
head or back massage.  In most cases, the going rate is somewhere in the dollar per minute range.

Ski resorts in North America are purchasing our equipment for recreational use and to ease altitude
sickness.  In higher elevations lack of Oxygen creates fatigue and even headaches.  Offering your
guests Oxygen on a pay-per-session basis will alleviate these symptoms.  It will enhance their
stamina, strength, energy level, and performance on the slopes.  Just a five to ten minute session on
our oxygen bar is all it takes to put a smile on their face!  

Catering departments in Hotels, Country Clubs, Resorts, and Casinos are utilizing Airheads Oxygen
Bars for special events such as Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Corporate Meetings,
Trade Shows and Private Parties of all kinds.  Anyone who has seen our O2 Bar in action knows
Airheads is "Always THE HIT of the Party" and we are a true "People Magnet."  Service for these
events are usually quoted as a flat rate fee ranging from $1500.00 and up as opposed to the "pay-per-
session" Oxygen Bar service previously mentioned above.

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An Oxygen bar would be the perfect addition to your establishment!