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Event Planners, Party Planners and Meeting Planners are not content  "Trying to keep up with the
Joneses.”  Nowadays nobody settles for mediocrity or the same old "thing." In todays event planning
environment, everyone "in the biz" is trying to out do and or out perform their peers as well as their
competition.  Weddings are now choreographed productions. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are now full
weekend events. For years, parties have been planned in the same old “cookie cutter” format
featuring DJ’s, dancers, lights, props, decorations, and beverage bars.  For a more upscale party,
maybe you have booked live bands, tattoo artists, magicians, or even caricature artists?  Now you can
break the mold and be on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry by purchasing and offering
an Airheads Oxygen and Aromatherapy Bar to all of your clients.

There is no better way to occupy children and teenagers at an affair than to have them "captivated"
and doing something healthy, rather than running amuck and annoying the other guests.  Our bars
are the perfect location for friends, relatives and coworkers to gather and socialize, whether they drink
adult beverages or not.  Our chic and elegantly designed equipment is perfect for anyone to use
whether you are 7 or 97!  EVERYONE has fun with it!  Give the people something new and different
while creating just the right amount of "atmosphere" which will make your client's affair one to be
talked about, long after the event has ended!  

Your equipment package can be branded and customized with your company logo or personal
message from one color to full color.  All of these branded panels can be changed out and
customized for any future event, at any time.  This is especially helpful when dealing with product
launches, corporate meetings, promotions and any marketing situation that arises.  

Whether our equipment is used for Corporate Incentive Parties, Business Meetings, or Conventions,
Airheads Oxygen Bars are always the center of attraction.  We literally “light up” every event with a
breath of fresh air!

Thousands of companies set up booths at Trade Shows every year to market themselves.  Many
deals are made and the competition is fierce.  Companies battle on the show floor for potential
customers.  Oxygen Bars are used as an attraction within their client’s booth to give them the edge
they need to be “one up” on their competition for their customers attention.

An Airheads Oxygen Bar acts as a "People Magnet" within any size Trade Show booth - attracting
potential clients.  The results have been an overwhelming success!  Lines form to such lengths that
their booths are barely visible!   Each potential client that is "hooked up" at our Oxygen Bar is now a
captive audience and open to the company representative's sales pitch and they have their
prospective clients undivided attention for as long as they want.  Some of our past Convention and
Trade Show clients have had thousands of people pass through just to try it!

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Halloween @ the O2 bar!
O2 Bar at a trade show