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In all probability, you do not have an Oxygen Bar manufacturer around the corner for you to visit.  If you
have done your due diligence, you would have found only a handful of O2 bar companies producing
products here in the US.  So how do you choose which Internet based company to have your
relationship with?  All of the other so called Oxygen Bar companies claim to be the biggest with the
best products on the market.  Some companies promise to beat anyone's best prices.  You have to
be able to separate the fact from fiction and ask yourself,  "How many of these businesses can
actually deliver what they promise?  Airheads has been building quality Oxygen Bars and Oxygen Bar
equipment since 1998.  Our long list of satisfied clients and successful entrepreneurs are proof of
OUR success!  We are  proud to publish our pricing right here on our website when others shy away
from that practice.

Airheads Oxygen Bars are actually built in the U.S.A. and not in someone's garage or sweat shop
over-seas.  Airheads uses nothing less than pure, organic essential food grade aromas in our
systems.  Other companies choose to use food grade chemicals as aromas.  Our Oxygen
Concentrators (AOCS's) produce the highest percentage of Oxygen on the market (96% at 5 LPM &
10 LPM) as compared to others, who at best put out 40% Oxygen at 3 LPM.  Airheads Oxygen Bars
has actually been around long enough (since 1998) to honor our 3 year warranty - the longest and
most comprehensive in the industry.   When you call us, one of our sales reps will actually answer
the phone!   We are proud of our 24/7 customer support  (*Try calling one of the other Oxygen Bar
companies on a Sunday night!)  Over 10 years of experience, unparalleled customer service, our
pricing, our quality and our patented designs have separated us from other so-called Oxygen Bar
Manufacturers and Oxygen Bar Rental companies.  While others imitate, Airheads innovates!  
We invite you to look up our exemplary rating with the Better Business Bureau by clicking here.
Feel free to check the Better Business Bureau ratings for our competitors as well.  Who would YOU
rather do business with?  I'm sure you'll come to the obvious conclusion...

Whether you want to purchase or lease -- our sexy, portable & durable Oxygen Bars "blow everyone
else's away!"  Airheads Oxygen Bars have been sold all over the world to successful business
owners and entrepreneurs alike.  Our Oxygen Bars are beautifully designed, fun to use, and can be
an extremely profitable cash addition.  
The Airheads "Money Maker" Systems and can be viewed
and purchased by clicking here.  These turnkey O2 packages are being purchased by health clubs,
salons, spas,and resorts all over the globe.  Nightclubs, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, airports,
ski chalets & caterers are providing Oxygen Bars to create a secondary cash revenue source, as well
as utilizing them as a courtesy for their paying patrons.  What was once used for recreation and
entertainment is now finding its way into the offices of holistic practitioners.  Acupuncturists, medical
spas, yoga studios, chiropractors, and massage therapists now see how our Oxygen Bar Equipment
can benefit their clients in treatment rooms as well as their waiting rooms.  

Health conscience people all over the globe are purchasing Personal Oxygen Bar systems for their
homes and their own personal use.
 The Airheads Personal Oxygen Bar Systems can be viewed
and purchased by clicking here.

The Oxygen Bar is now the conversation piece of every corporate and social event that we service.  
Now is the time to get started with THE "cutting edge" product and latest rage of this new millennium.  
Owners of Airheads Oxygen Bar systems all agree ...     
It's an incredible business opportunity!
Purchasing items from the
Internet is sometimes
compared to a black hole.  
Items look inviting from the
outside, but how does one
prevent themselves from
getting sucked in?  How
does a potential Oxygen Bar
equipment purchaser put
their trust into an Internet
based company and spend
thousands of dollars with
people they have never met
and a product they have
never put their hands on?
This is the major obstacle
that Airheads Oxygen Bars
owner Steven Blaustein has
overcome in his 10 years of
Internet commerce.
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