Sadly, it has come to our attention that there are unscrupulous “competitors” in our industry.  In order for these mom and pop
companies to remain competitive, they resort to lies and falsehoods to discredit our 10 year plus impeccable image.  It’s
unfortunate, but it is our obligation to bring these practices to your attention so these “bad apples” cannot deceive you any
further.  With this being said, we hope you are able to recognize these bad practices and make an educated and proper choice
for your Oxygen Bar needs.  With smoke screens and lies debunked, we trust you will find Airheads Oxygen Bars to be your
Oxygen Bar Rental and/or purchase of choice.

We invite you to look up our exemplary rating with the Better Business Bureau by clicking here.
Feel free to check the Better Business Bureau ratings for our competitors as well.  Who would YOU rather do business with?  
I'm sure you'll come to the obvious conclusion...

It's been over ten years since O2 Bars have been introduced in the US and still over 99% of the population has never seen or
experienced an Oxygen Bar.  First introduced to Las Vegas hotels and nightclubs, and used strictly for recreational fun, Oxygen
Bars are now used as powerful marketing tools. These "People Magnets" can now be found on conventions and trade show
floors.  Airheads Mobile Oxygen Bars have been "The Hit" of the Party and "THE" traffic builder in every event that we have
serviced since our inception in 1998. Marketing and promotional departments all over the world can "breathe easier" knowing
that we operate under a full $2,000,000 liability policy and never had a claim or incident since we opened our doors.  
("Additional insured" riders upon request.)  Our clients also know that utilizing our
3 panel modular "Dream Machine" Oxygen
as a "branded back-lighted billboard," gets their corporate message heard and their logo seen while giving them their best
bang for their buck.  Hundreds of "Fortune 500" Companies, Event Planners, Meeting Planners and Party Planners have chosen
Airheads Oxygen Bars for their events.  For over ten years, from Maui to Miami & Montreal to Mexico,  Airheads has worked with
both large and small companies, as well as Event Planners, in every facet of the business and entertainment world.  Let
Airheads work for YOU to make your next event one to remember!   It's fun, it's legal, it's healthy, and "It's Okay to Inhale!"  Our
unique scientific design will lure and captivate.  Our reputation in the industry is unparalleled, and so is our impeccable service
record.  You can count on your Airheads bartender-technician to be courteous, to be professional, to be dressed to impress, to
be personable, and most of all - TO BE THERE ON TIME!   We guaranty that your Oxygen Bar rental will "WOW" everyone and be
the talk of your event long after the event has ended - or your money back!  
To price an Oxygen Bar for your next event,
click here now or call 1.888.783.7199.
In recent years Oxygen Bars have been in high
demand in the event industry, and many
entrepreneurs have jumped on the band-wagon
and purchased O2 equipment systems.  Anyone
can upload a website on to the internet, and as long
as there is freedom of speech in our country, any
claim can be made, usually without being
challenged.  There are many Oxygen Bars
entrepreneurs out there that have purchased from
domestic and foreign manufacturers other than
Airheads Oxygen Bars.  In most cases, these
equipment packages can only service 4 people
simultaneously.  This was the benchmark for
Oxygen Bar design in the mid to late 1990’s.  
Airheads does NOT have any problem with these
systems, nor do we have any problem with most of
the entrepreneurs who market these systems in
direct competition with us.  After all, competition is
what made this country great and what fair trade
and capitalism is built on.
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