Nightclub, Bar & Restaurant Owners
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Need a secondary means of making cash in your existing business because on-premise sales are
down?  Many states are cracking down on drunk drivers and alternative measures have been taken
by people “in the biz” to address these issues and still stay in business.  What could be a better
addition to a nightclub, bar or restaurant than an Airheads Oxygen Bar system?

Would you like to be on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry?  Even though Oxygen is a
healthy alternative to alcohol, most patrons enjoy doing both!  The equipment looks great and
everyone loves it.  Airheads OWNS  "THE WOW FACTOR" and the true "People Magnet!"  Most club
owners are content just to have the edge over their competition that the Oxygen Bar provides, and the
cash that it generates for them is only secondary.  There are many promotions and programs that
Airheads customers implement to increase proceeds and revenue for their business.  Most locations
have their patrons pay $10.00 for a five to ten minute session at the Oxygen Bar.

Click here to see our "Money Page" and look at the potential profits!

An Airheads Oxygen Bar can generate hundreds of extra dollars during the course of a week while
your establishment’s liquor sales actually increase.  Patrons will drink more because Oxygen helps
keep an alcohol drinker more alert and awake.

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that this is NOT going to sober them up or lower blood alcohol levels,
Oxygen just makes for a more alert drunk!

Other on-premise establishment owners implement a door charge and give away the Oxygen Bar
sessions for free.  Another popular promotion amongst Club or Restaurant Owners is to combine the
O2 sessions with a drink at the bar.  The marketing possibilities are endless!

I’m sure by now you can see the financial benefits of having our Oxygen Bar on your premises, but
there are other beneficial advantages of having one as well.  It is a known fact, Oxygen helps to
alleviate hangovers and it will enhance the user’s energy level making them more alert.  Just a five to
ten minute session on our Oxygen Bar is all it takes to put a smile on their face!  

Internet Cafés, Piecing and Tattoo Studios, as well as Coffee Houses are just some of the other
establishments that have jumped on the Oxygen Bar phenomenon.  In short, having on Oxygen Bar
will give enjoyment to ALL of your on-premise patrons, while lining your pockets with increased cash
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An Oxygen bar would be the perfect addition to your nightclub!