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Oxygen treatments are said to be the newest trend, invading the states with great popularity in
Hollywood and Las Vegas.  Even dating shows on television, such as "Xtreme Dating," are featuring
Oxygen bars.  Numerous casinos, including The Venetian and The Tropicana, have Oxygen bars for
thrill-seekers. The MGM Grand's restaurant, Olio!, reports that about 78,000 customers a year visit
their Oxygen bar.  The myths and rumors about pure Oxygen treatments are well-circulated: it can
clear the mind to study, increase endurance, boost energy and lessen the effects of hangovers.

Nancy Datoni, 54, swears by the benefits of pure oxygen for the body. For 10 years, Datoni suffered
from the debilitating condition fibromyalgia (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome). Fibromyalgia
is a disorder that is classified by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and multiple tender
points. The American College of Rheumatology estimates that it affects three to six million Americans.

"Having fibromyalgia was a painful experience, it was hard to do the simplest of tasks on certain
days," Datoni said. "Some days I felt too weak to even lift my arms about my head."  For Datoni,
finding the miracle that would give her a second chance to be more active in life, without pain, started
out as a mere joke in Las Vegas. "Some friends of mine and I were in Vegas and we saw the Oxygen
bar, and so we figured we would try it out," Datoni said. "It was just for fun."

After just a 10 minute session of pure Oxygen, Datoni felt more alive, energized and as she puts it,
"bright-eyed and bushy tailed" after a long night of drinking.  "After the Oxygen, I felt normal, my
hangover disappered, and my friends were really shocked [at] how peppy I was," Datoni said.  "Some
people say that it just gives you a 10-minute high, but in my case that is not true. I had energy and felt
great the entire day."

After this experience, Datoni consulted with her doctor.  She started incorporating pure Oxygen into
her daily life. She goes in for 10-minute oxygen treatments twice a week after her Pilates class.  "I find
that taking the oxygen after my workouts, it puts Oxygen back into my muscles, and the huge thing is, I
am never sore the next day," Datoni said. "I truly think Oxygen can benefit everyone."  "I really wish
everyone could try [receiving Oxygen] at least once," Datoni said. "I want to spread the word and tell
everyone how great it is and how it helped me."
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