Everyone feels "blue" from time to time, but when depression deepens or persists for a long time, it
can suppress your energy for living and make you more vulnerable to disease by dampening the
immune system.  Depression is sometimes a warning that may help you to protect your mental and
physical health.  It can be viewed as a signpost, signaling "It’s time for a change."

The first thing a depressed person stops doing is moving.  Exercise becomes intolerable.  Just a few
minutes time breathing oxygen (with a citrus aroma) can lift that feeling of depression giving you that
chemical balance that is needed to feel well and be well.  Oxygen will improve circulation sending
invigorating oxygen to your brain and all your muscles. Oxygen will flush toxins from the body as well.

Often depression sneaks in slowly, as breathing patterns change from too much sitting at a desk,
stress, age, or illness.  Only 10 minutes of pure oxygen will bring a breath of fresh air to the brain and
other parts of the body.  Like a spring wind, it blows through the system bringing new light and
strength to the unused parts of the body and mind where depression hides.
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