Three Panel Modular
Airheads Oxygen Bars has been in the business of manufacturing and renting Oxygen Bars since 1998, and that's all we do.  We
specialize in last minute rentals.  Our reputation, personnel, cutting edge designs, and state of the art equipment has earned us
many awards in the events industry.   Renting an Oxygen Bar is an expense you should not undertake with "fly by night" Oxygen Bar
rental companies who do not carry liability insurance, or offer their services at an unrealistic rate, i.e. claiming to beat any price.  Keep
in mind that you always get what you pay for when using an Oxygen Bar rental service and there are no short cuts.  Airheads Oxygen
Bar quotes are always "turnkey" with no hidden or extra charges.  There are no other O2 bar rental companies that can offer their
clients up to 12 PEOPLE SERVICED SIMULTANEOUSLY FROM ONE STANDARD BAR PACKAGE!    Airheads Inc. accepts all major
credit cards, bank wires, and checks.  Pricing is based on many variables such as where the event is taking place, when it is taking
place, how many hours of service, and for how many people.  You will get a chance to submit your answers to these questions below,
but first let us explain to you the packages that are available for you to choose from:

Our STANDARD 3 Panel modular "Dream Machine" Oxygen Bar package comes complete and turnkey with 12 different aromas, a
bartender/technician, unlimited nose hoses and unlimited oxygen bar sessions for your guests.  We usually are supplied with
standard 110V electrical power with (15 amp service) and bar stools for the bartender(s)/technician(s). The above equipment
package can serve up to 12 people standing simultaneously or 6 people seated simultaneously
(but only if you opt to supply the

If our STANDARD 3 Panel modular "Dream Machine" Oxygen Bar package happens to exceed your budget, you may also opt to not
have the Bar
(furniture) at all.  In this case Airheads can still service 12 people standing or 6 people seated simultaneously (if you
provide the bar stools).
All we would require is for you to provide a bar-top, tabletop or counter-top to place our two 27" Aromarizers on
12 bottles with a total length of 54"). If you choose this option without the bar itself, we can offer this service to you at a discounted
price. You may view what this package looks like by
clicking here to see our "Aromarizers Only Package".  

For larger events where more than 300 people need to be serviced, or the event is longer than 5 hours, more equipment may be
needed as well as more personnel to "man" it.  This may warrant an additional premium.

Branding or personalization of our equipment is another option that we offer.  Our standard branding package consists of black
lettering on white panels.  Both of the Aromarizers
(which sit on top of the bar itself) can be branded for $200.00, and for an additional
$195.00 you may opt to have the center bar panel branded as well
(if you opt to have the full "Dream Machine" modular bar setup.)  All
artwork must be submitted in a CS2 vectored outlined formatted digital file no later than 3 weeks prior to the event.

FULL COLOR branding or personalization of the two Aromarizer panels is available at $295.00.  For a total of $695.00, you may opt to
brand the center bar panel as well as the two Aromarizer panels.  You may choose to brand all 3 bar panels, and the two Aromarizer
panels in FULL COLOR for a total of $1095.00.   All artwork for branding must be submitted in a high resolution digital file no later
than 3 weeks prior to the event.

There are a few questions that we need to have answered in order to personalize your rental request quote.  Please take specific care
to answer all of the questions below in the pull down menus before you submit your quote request.  This will enable us to give you a
true bone fide quote.  The information will also be utilized in the Airheads service agreement if you contract our services for your event.
You may either
click here to fill out the quote request form, or have all of your event specifics ready before you call us Toll-Free @
1-888-622-7662.  The Airheads Team thanks you for the opportunity to quote your up and coming event.
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